Belltown Gem: Karan Dannenberg Clothier

If it's been awhile since last visited Karan Dannenberg's Belltown boutique, it's worth a second look. For over 13 years she's been giving clients exceptional customer service and for Karan and her staff it's all about creating a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for guests. "I'm not into selling someone a sweater," says Karan, "I'm in to creating a total look for my clients from head-to-toe." She's so dedicated to providing customers with a complete wardrobe that she frequently makes special orders to ensure that the pieces are exactly the right color and size. Each season she also works with local jewelry designers like Martha Driver of Rock Star Jewelry to create custom pieces that fit in perfectly with the assortment.

The boutique stocks a variety of brands including Nicole Miller, Sympli, Yoana Baraschi, Cookie Johnson, Creenstone, Margaret M., and more. When it comes to product knowledge it's clear that Karan Dannenberg doesn't just care about how something looks on the surface, she makes it a point to know where it was made, what the inspiration behind the collections was and what young, hot designer brought it to market.

A boutique like Karan Dannenberg Clothier is a rare gem in a sea of retailers who are pushing fashion to the masses without knowing (or even caring) how it translates to their clients. She cares deeply about the brands she carries and makes it a point of supporting local designers. So next time you're in Belltown pop in to what she's got up her sleeve for spring!

Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 441-3442

Keep in touch with Karan Dannenberg Clothier on Facebook and via the boutique's blog.
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Belltown Gem: Karan Dannenberg Clothier
Belltown Gem: Karan Dannenberg Clothier
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