CRAVE Business Chat: Risk Taking

CRAVE Monthly Business Chats are back and this month, it's all about Risk Taking.

Risk-taking has a time and a place. Making decisions out of desperation wastes a lot more time, energy and money than you anticipated. As exciting as it can be to go out on a limb for a big pay off, sometimes doing nothing is really the smarter decision in the long run. Just say no! Learn from our expert panel when to leap and when to lean back.
This month’s CRAVE chat will dive into the risk taking process and discuss when you should play it safe and when you should take a chance. Featured speakers include Melinda Sontgerath of 50 North, Natalie Angelillo of Swink Style Bar and Monica Treacy formerly of Ella Mon boutique.

What: CRAVE Business Chat: Risk Taking

Featured Speakers: Melinda Stonegrath (50 North), Natalie Angelillo (Swink Style Bar) and Monica Treacy (formerly of Ella Mon)

Monday, January 17th from 7-9pm

Where: 50 North, 5001 25th Ave NE, Seattle

Price: $25 /Students $15- Click here to register!
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CRAVE Business Chat: Risk Taking
CRAVE Business Chat: Risk Taking
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